Meet Meiyer, she is our Relief Keeper in Adventureland and an amazing little lady! 

Here’s what she had to say about being a keeper:

“I had always known I wanted to work with animals, but when I started college I wasn’t sure which direction to go. After completing internships in wildlife management with government agencies, wildlife rehabilitation and zookeeping(actually at Wildlife World). I decided that I enjoyed working hands-on caring for animals the best. Zookeeping is a hard job, both physically and mentally. We are responsible for the complete care for so many different kinds of animals, and even through the extreme weather we work hard to make make them happy. Being able to work closely with these amazing animal ambassadors is the best reward, and we hope that being able to see these animals up close will inspire others to care as much about wildlife  and the environment as we do.”

Fun fact about Meiyer: “It’s not much of a secret, but I actually cosplay as a hobby! I make my own costumes and like going to conventions, it’s a fun way to get my creativity out besides coming up with enrichment for the zoo.”

Thanks Meiyer for sharing your story with us, for all of your dedication and hard work!  #NationalZooKeeperWeek