For #NationalZooKeeperWeek we wanted to give our followers the inside scoop about some of our keepers and why they work as hard as they do.

This is Linnea Hall, Lead Keeper of Adventureland and what she had to say…

“I’ve wanted to work with animals since I was little, but I wasn’t sure how. I decided in college that I wanted to study Zoology and learn about the whole broad spectrum of animals and then started volunteering here, at Wildlife World and my decision was finalized! This is what I want to do. I volunteered for 3 years and have now been a keeper for 2 1/2 years. The animals are definitely what makes this job worth it. Each one has a very unique personality and being able to interact with, train and enrich their lives is amazing. A fun fact that many don’t know is I have double jointed elbows.”

?Thanks Linnea for all your hard work!