Wildlife World Zoo & Sanderson Ford/Lincoln Donate F250 Truck for Antelope Conservation in Baja, Mexico!

On Wednesday, April 17th, Wildlife World Zoo along with our great friends, the Kimmerle family at Sanderson Ford presented the leaders of the project to save the very endangered Baja Peninsula Pronghorn Antelope with a slightly used F250 pickup truck for the use of people working in Baja to save these animals. These animals seem to be making a comeback after being down to just fifty in their native habitat. Sanderson Ford has been so much help to the Wildlife World over the years having donated four vans for our Education Programs and each year providing us with a feed truck for use by our hoofstock keepers and other zoo personnel. Thank you, David Kimmerle and the entire Kimmerle/Sanderson family for your super support all these years and doing such a great job to protect and conserve some of the world’s rarest animals!